3 students admitted to Get Lit program

Jake Saferstein

Hannah Dains ’16, Kelly Morrison ’16 and Matt Beyer ’15 were accepted into the Get Lit poetry program, an educational organization that works to increase teen literacy with different forms of poetry.

Dains and Morrison were named to the Get Lit Players team, the highest rank in the program. Beyer was named to the literate team, which is the equivalent of a JV team of the program.

Get Lit meets every weekend and participates in competitions of classical as well as slam poetry. One event is held at Dodger stadium.

“There was a lot of excitement and hugging,” Dains said when she made the team.

Dains, Morrison and Beyer are all a part of the Spoken Word club, which meets on Mondays during activities. The club is led by English teachers Caroline Miller and Eric Olson.

“I have been doing poetry for my whole life,” said Dains. “It’s the best way for me to express my emotions.” Dains started doing Slam poetry last year after she heard about it during an assembly. “Poetry can take many forms, it makes it great for expressing your emotions.”