Prada veep tells La Femme about her job

Carly Berger

Celine Khavarani ’95, a vice president of the Italian fashion house Prada, told members of the La Femme club Monday about her career in fashion, and her belief in the importance of surrounding herself with optimistic people.

Khavarani said that she works at the intersection of fashion and entertainment, and her job is to build relationships with people, and have them come to Prada’s events.

“I dress actors for the Oscars, award shows, and film premieres,” Khavarani said. “We have image events all over the world, in Tokyo, Paris, and London, and we invite actors and actresses to come to parties.”

Khavarani has done public relations for Armani, Bulgari and Jimmy Choo.

“It’s obviously a very fun and exciting job, but it has its share of intense, competitive stuff,” Khavarani said.

Khavarani’s favorite part of her job is working with directors, because she appreciates their creative and artistic abilities.

She discussed her belief that people should do what makes them feel good, and should not put themselves in uncomfortable situations if they are avoidable.

“If I get invited to a party where I know I am going to run into somebody who is going to be mean to me, or is going to try to make some sort of weird comment, I don’t go,” Khavarani said. “I’m not missing out. If things I read are going to stress me out, I don’t read them.”

Khavarani said she was grateful for her Harvard-Westlake education. She got a bachelor of arts degree at UCLA, which she said was “a breeze” after graduating from Harvard-Westlake.

“I have a great family, great job, and I really have to say that some of the best experiences I have ever had are at Harvard-Westlake,” Khavarani said. “I feel so indebted to Harvard-Westlake for giving me so very much.”

Her only regret, she said, is that she did not become friends with more people during high school.

“I really encourage you to get to know kids that are not in your circles,” Khavarani said. “The people that are in your school right now are some of the kindest, brightest people you will ever meet in your life. You can live to 100 and you will not have a circle that is this exceptional ever again.”