666 missed classes marks year record

Hannah Cho

More students missed classes because of illness during the week of Nov. 3 than any week so far this school year.

The absences began on Tuesday when many students either came in late or left early, Head of Attendance Gabriel Preciado said. For the rest of the week, many of the students just stayed home.

“Most of these absences were due to colds, bugs, some students have pneumonia, fevers, and some students have been missing for multiple days, but Tuesday was one of the peak days,” Preciado said.

That week, there were 666 classes missed due to illness, with about 168 students that did not attend school. However, Preciado predicted that the total classes missed for that week would be around 760 after the 160 unresolved absences are resolved. In addition, there were more field trips that week that added to the total number of classes missed for that week.

“I feel it, obviously because my workload spikes up, I get calls and students asking to leave campus,” Preciado said.

The week before, Oct. 27, there were around 520 classes missed. The high number of absences is more commonly seen in December to February, Preciado said.