Debate hosts first home tournament this year

Katie Perrin

The debate program hosted the Lincoln-Douglas style Damus Hollywood Invitational the weekend of Nov. 8-9, the first competition on home terrain this year. Cameron Cohen ’16 propelled Harvard-Westlake to the quarterfinals and was granted a speaker award for his performance.

“I noticed that the varsity debaters were calmer since it was home turf,” said Connor Engel ’17. “The novices were still unfamiliar with the campus so it didn’t change much for them. The tournament gave us a chance for our team to come together and help out.”

This month, the team also had great success at events in California and across the nation.

Nick Steele ’16 and Cohen ’16 qualified for the April Tournament of Champions at the beginning of this month. Cohen ’16 earned the qualification at the St. Mark’s Heart of Texas Invitational in Dallas, and Steele ’16 qualified for the Tournament of Champions at the Meadows School Tournament in Las Vegas.

At one of the premier national tournaments of the year at the Meadows School, Dario Madyoon ’17 advanced to elimination rounds for the first time. Cohen ’16 and Steele ’16 were co-champions of the Voices Round Robin in San Jose, with Steele ’16 reaching the final rounds as well.

At the first league tournament of the year at Narbonne High School in Torrance, 14 debaters went 1-0 or 3-1.

“I think getting to know the novices better could help our team as a unit. Our success is individual,” Engel ’17 said