Languages department expands honors classes

Angela Chon

The Upper School World Languages department will offer Spanish and French II Honors starting next school year to “better prepare students for three honors and for [the] AP program.”
Upper school students meeting the requirement of receiving a 93 percent or higher in French or Spanish 1 or 1B and permission of the instructor will be able to take these new courses.
“Offering a level two honors course will allow us to offer a deeper curriculum and proceed at a faster pace with those students who have stronger foreign language acquisition skills and who are able to handle that speed,” Upper School World Languages Department Head Margot Riemer said. “At the same time, we will be able to provide an appropriate pace and curriculum for those students for whom foreign language acquisition is more challenging. We hope that all level two students will have a better experience in their courses.”
Students taking these courses will receive honors credit. Spanish II Honors students will use the “Descubre” 2nd Edition Level 2 textbook and French II Honors students will use the “Discovering French” 4th edition Level 2 textbook.
Teachers have not yet been assigned to teach these courses, but must meet the requirements of speaking Spanish or French “at a native or near-native level” both course proposals said.
“We hope, that by providing this option for students, they will have a smoother and more developmentally-appropriate path through our Spanish program,” the proposal said.