Canned food drive to help needy families on Thanksgiving

Phoebe Sanders

The Community Council will be collecting donations of canned vegetables on campus Monday. One bin will be located in the faculty lounge and the other on the quad.

The school has committed to collect 500 cans of green beans and peas, which the nonprofit group Big Sunday will include in Thanksgiving packages distributed to 1,500 families in need. Students can also help the council organize the packages for delivery.

Charity events such as this can drive offer help students reflect on how lucky they are, said Alex Gordon ’16, one of the organizers of the event.

“On Thanksgiving you are supposed to be grateful for all that you have,” she said. “We also recognize how fortunate we all are as a community. So through this can drive, we can help to give less fortunate people the Thanksgiving that everyone deserves.”

The Council has also scheduled a community service fair on Monday, highlighting opportunities for students to volunteer. Community Council next plans to hold a “Community Service Week” in the future.

Among the students who helped organize the canned food drive, are Lili Cohen ’15, Jensen Davis ’16, Cosima Elwes ’15 and Xenia Viragh ’15.