Puppies make second appearance to help students fight stress

Jacob Goodman

Puppies helped midterm assessment test-takers alleviate stress again Thursday, courtesy of the Prefect Council.

The puppies were brought through a company called “Puppies and Reptiles for Parties” that has done similar events for Chapman University and other Los Angeles colleges. Research shows that the dogs help mitigate stress for students.

“We wanted to do it between midterms on one of the earlier days,” Prefect Hunter Brookman ’16 said, “So that when kids got out of their tests they would be surprised to see puppies and could have fun interacting with the dogs.”

The puppies were on campus for two hours on Monday, the first day of midterm assessments, and Prefect Council decided to bring them back Thursday when it turned out to be a success. 

Krispy Kreme doughnuts were served to students between the fifth and sixth period assessments.