English teacher receives Moss chair endowment

Angela Chon

The second George E. and Thuy Moss Chair in English was awarded to English teacher Amanda Angle on Jan. 5 to honor her dedication to teaching.

Buddy Moss ’48 funded the endowment to ensure that the school had the resources to be able to support great teachers after he was greatly impacted by his English teacher, J. Leonard Sherman.

“[Buddy] Moss was enormously grateful for his English teacher’s guidance and wanted every Harvard-Westlake generation to have the same opportunities,” Head of School Jeanne Huybrechts said during a middle school Monday assembly. “The chair designation honors a particular teacher with a title and a stipend — and more importantly, the endowment ensures that the school has the resources to be able to continue to support great teachers.”

English teacher Jeremy Michaelson is the chair holder at the upper school campus.

“[Angle] nurtures and empowers others,” Huybrechts said. “She teaches and encourages her students to listen—to pay attention to others, to hear what they say and, by extension, to sense how they feel—to be always open to learning something new.”