Stone-cutters launches publication website

Emily Rahhal

The stone-cutters literary magazine launched a website before winter break to attract more artwork submissions throughout the year and share updates from the editors.

The literary publication went digital for the first time in order to improve upon its first class National Scholastic Press Association rating this year. The website was created by Melanie Krassel ’15, who has been on the staff for her entire high school career.

“We’ve been talking about doing some kind of web edition of stone-cutters since I started as an adviser three years ago,” English teacher Amber Caron said. “It never happened in part because it was going to be the job of the literary and art editor, but those jobs are already so big.”

Krassel began the project in mid-October with help from Upper School Mathematics Department Head Paula Evans and mathematics teacher Jason Fieldman ’98, both of whom she has had as teachers.

“I had originally applied to be a literary editor,” Krassel said, “but I told them I’m in Web-Tech and that I could make a website, so they ended up making a new position for me as the web editor.”

The staff intends to include an opportunity to submit artwork through the website. The website will allow the publication to include more artwork from each submitting artist. Online submission guideline booklets have been created and shared online.

The staff will create artist profiles to accompany students’ work. Students will be allowed to comment on blog posts, contact the staff and interact on the website.

Each printed issue of stone-cutters will be uploaded to the website and kept under an archives section.