Kutler to expand to adult classes

Bryant Wu

The Kutler Center will expand this year to offer courses for parents and alumni, to give them experiences similar to those of students.

“For a long time, Harvard-Westlake has talked about wanting to provide programming to our parents and alums,” Kutler Center director Jim Patterson said. “We have an incredible faculty here, and while students get four to six years with that faculty, parents sometimes may never have that opportunity. Also, some of the alums may also want to come back.”

Courses offered include Sundays With Ted, Understanding the Middle East, a Global Affairs Symposium and a Q&A with Human Rights Watch Emergencies Director Peter Bouckaert. Sundays With Ted is a series of nine group discussions on movies over nine weeks led by performing arts teacher Ted Walch.

Every Sunday, participants will watch a film and then discuss that film. Movies to be screened include those by directors Elia Kazan and Sidney Lumet.

Understanding the Middle East, a course taught by history teacher Dror Yaron, is similar to the Middle East Studies course he teaches to students.

This course focuses on political structures, religious influences and the Arab-Israeli conflict.

The Global Affairs Symposium is a student-led presentation offered by the Harvard-Westlake Society of Global Affairs club. Interdisciplinary Studies department head Larry Klein said that the program will be run by Dominique Gordon ’15 and other members of the club.

This presentation centers on the creation of business, entertainment and political ideas and how they are incorporated into society.

The Human Rights Watch Q&A will include a screening of “The E Team,” a movie about the investigations of war crimes in Syria and Libya. Following the screening, parents and alumni will be able to ask Bouckaert, a former student of Walch, about his experiences in violent regions.