Robotics club prepares for ‘recycle rush’

Cole Feldman

The Robotics Club moved into its second week of preparation for the FIRST Robotics Competition of 2015 in February by bringing in two mechanical engineers from Glenair Incorporated, an electrical connector accessory company, to help build their robot.

“They are going to help us with the designing of some of the actual parts of the robot,” Jonas Hirshland ’16 said. “We are through one of six weeks, so we have done a lot of the strategy behind our robot. Now it is just the actual designing of our systems and figuring out how they are going to fit together.”

Approximately 30 students are helping to build the robot on either the design or electrical side of the project. The robot is designed to complete the “recycle rush” game, which consists of stacking boxes on scoring platforms and then disposing of the pool noodles that represent litter in the highest recycling bin to score points.

“Because I am interested in physics and the engineering field, this is good practice for the real world where you have a very strict deadline and you have to work to design within the allotted time,” Hirshland said.