Environmental Club cleans river

Emily Rahhal

The Environmental Club received approval to create the first student-planted garden on campus and cleaned up a site around the Los Angeles River Jan. 31.

The garden project was put in motion when the club received approval from the planning committee, Head of School Jeanne Huybrechts and Chief of Campus Operations and Construction JD De Matte.

The garden will be planted on a plot of land in front of the girls’ locker room behind Taper Gym. Co-heads of the club Brian Adler ’15 and Alexandra Kass ’15 met with a TreePeople representative to evaluate the area to help them choose the right plants for the venue.

The club has worked on the Los Angeles River Project for two years, restoring and repairing sections of the Los Angeles River to make them look more natural. The trip Saturday focused on cleaning the part of the river near Coldwater Canyon and Fulton.

“Whenever anyone walks by and sees us working on the plants or cleaning up trash, they know that a difference is being made, and this will impact [people] on a personal level,” Kass said.