Gender Studies class offered again next year

Connor Reese

A class entitled Ethics and Culture: Gender Studies in Science, Philosophy and History will be offered again next year.

“In a sense, my class is what the gender studies course has always been, however, there is a common view that gender must mean feminism,” Malina Mamigonian said.

“Gender is a social construction and feminism (though there are many kinds of feminism) is fundamentally an assertion of the very traditionally liberal belief (in the 18th Century sense) values,that all are created equal and deserve justice in that regard,” she added.

The new course will be available to all rising juniors and seniors.

It will meet four periods per cycle, and it will be offered only during second semester.

“All are welcome, there s no prerequisite, but familiarity with ethics or basic philosophical concepts is a plus,” Mamigonian said.

The class is the natural continuation of the already existing Ethics class, she said, which examines largely Western ethics from the 5th Century B.C. to modern philosophers.

“It will address both the historical and sociological components that generate many ethical dilemmas, but also ground students in an understanding of how to talk about gender, without relativizing values,” Mamigonian said.

The course will be held in Rugby Hall.

Mamigonian will teach the class, however she will teach one less section of her regular English classes in order to accommodate this additional class into her schedule.

“There will only be space for one period,” Mamigonian said. “We’ll see how it goes.”