Pop singer, philanthropist speak at La Femme meetings

Angela Chon

Liz Nisitco, lead singer of the Indie-Pop band Holychild, spoke to La Femme Feb. 9 about gender equality and empowerment in her music and videos, after students crossed paths with Nisitco during several of Holychild’s concerts.

“When I would talk to [Nisitco] after her shows, she would say that her manager went to school here, and we were thinking that it would be really cool if she could come talk about feminism and social justice, about her music to the club,” Alexis Ladge ’15 said.

Ladge and other members recommended Nisitco to Assistant Director of Communications and club advisor Shauna Altieri, who contacted Nisitco’s manager, Nicky Berger ’07, to set up a meeting.

“Our message is so consistent throughout everything,” Nisitco said. “If we aren’t talking about feminism, I also really like looking into class discrimination and money in our culture. I feel like people are ready to talk about these things, and I find it inspiring.”

Nisitco’s presentation came a week after members welcomed Sheera Goren ’05, the president of Dinating, a foodie-philanthropic company that donates some of its profits to SOVA, a local food kitchen providing groceries to those in need. The name Dinating is a combination of dining and donating. Goren centered her speech around her time at Harvard-Westlake and her life in the professional world.

“The main focus of her presentation was her recent philanthropic work with Dinating, where people can provide a day’s worth of meals for a family of four just by going out to dinner,” Shelby Weiss ’16 said.  “I was empowered by her immense ingenuity and profound compassion.”