Quarters for a Cause deadline extended to Feb. 23

Layla Moghavem

The Quarters for a Cause fundraiser deadline has been extended to Feb. 23 in an effort to raise more money for Laundry Love.

As of the 1st and 3rd Wednesday assembly today, students and faculty had donated a total of $60. The Community and Character Committee hopes to raise this to $1,000. If $1,000 is raised, committee member Allison Gorkhovksy ’17 said, the winning dean group will receive a “special treat.”

She said if everyone donated $1, they could meet the goal. Paper money is also now accepted to encourage more donations.

Joe’s Pizza Truck will still be visiting campus Feb. 20, however all students must pay full price rather than the winning group getting a free meal.

Advanced Dance II students announced the Cinderella theme of their upcoming showcase by having Cinderella characters dance in costume through Taper Gym. The showcase will be March 6, 7 and 8.

President Rick Commons invited students to apply to intern as teachers at Gabriella Charter School. The K-8 was founded by Lisa Bercovici in memory of her daughter Gabriella Axelrad, who would have been in the class of 2004, but died in a traffic accident during the summer when she was in middle school. He encouraged students who are looking for a “purpose beyond themselves” to volunteer.