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Student actors chosen for Playwrights Festival

A full cast list and rehearsal room schedule for the Playwrights Festival was announced by performing arts teacher Christopher Moore in an email Monday to all of the auditioning students. Sixty-five roles were available to the 26 boys and 55 girls who auditioned. Because a specific number of boys and girls were needed, 21 girls were cut, and three boys received roles in more than one play. Several parts are still unannounced.

Rehearsals will begin March 9. The full cast list is posted below.

“A Little Help From My Friend” by Jared Gentile ’16
Director: Tait Rupert
Isaac’s Mother: TBA
Jack: Jacob Goodman ’15 *
Isaac: Oliver Sanderson ’15 *

“Bromeo and Julius” by Sabrina Batchler’15
Director: Satya Bhabha   Asst. Director Katherine Calvert ’15
Chorus: Anya Andrews ’17
Julius’s Mother: Morgan Brown ’15
Bromeo: Jared Gentile ’16
Girl 2: Daniela Grande ’16
Julius: Chris Darden ’16
Prince-apal: Alexandra Kass ’15
Benny: Brandon Lim ’16
Bromeo’s Mother: Marianne Verrone ’15
Girl 1: Jessica Wolf ’16

“Followers of Osiris” by Hannah Dains ’16
Director: Jona Yadidi ’16
Isabel Reno: Odessa Chiklis ’17
Tad Reston: Teddy Leinbach ’15
Ellis Haven: Laurel Rand-Lewis ’16
Greg Lehman: Cameron Wood ’15

“Fresh Air” by Jacob Goodman ’15
Director: Noah Bennett ’15
Warner: Hunter Brookman ’16
Mom: Nina Dubovitsky ’15
Bellhop: Elizabeth Edel ’16
Dad: Sam Schlesinger ’15
Erwin: Dylan Schifrin ’16

“In Passing” by Covi Brannan ’15 and Sydney Concoff ’15
Director: Lindsey Rosin
Nicole: Briana Cooper ’15
Guy: Liam Hyde ’17
Mandy: Jenny Lange ’17
Hutch: Noah Moghaven ’17
Kara: Natalie Musicant ’17
Tom: Brendan Sanderson ’16
Daniel: David Woldenberg ’15

“Man Up” by Kenneth Noble ’16
Director: Geoffrey Wade
Míquel/Michael: Carlos Guanche ’16 *
Sarah/Dr. Saperstein: Julia Safir ’15
Owen: Oliver Sanderson ’15 *

“Never Swipe Right” by Jessica Dickman ’17
Director: Malin Alter
Clem: Cosima Elwes ’15
Bethany: Trishta Dordi ’15
Julian: Gabriel Jenkinson ’16
Ty: Aidan Luscinski ’17
Cadien: Rob Sanders ’15

“Rest in Peace” by Sammi Handler ’17
Director: James Sauer  Asst. Director: Anai Finnie ’15
Whitney: Sloane Chmara ’15
Lawyer: Tiana Coles ’16
Mr. Daniels: Landon Fadel ’15
Jack Daniels: Adam Hirschhorn ’16
Aunt Edna: Talia Lefkowitz ’17
Uncle Scott: TBA
Tiffany: Genevieve Thomas ’16
Mrs. Daniels: Cate Wolfen ’17

“Text” by Laurel Rand-Lewis ’16
Director: Rees Pugh
Annie: Lily Beckinsale-Sheen ’17
Beth: Covi Brannan ’15
Quincy: Sydney Concoff ’15
Leo: Carlos Guanche ’16 *
Alex: Will Hariton ’15
Cynthia: Autumn Witz ’15

“The Exceptional Childhood Center” by Dylan Schifrin ’16
Director: David Shaughnessy
Susan Crawford: Youna Choi ’17
Reggie Watson: Henry Platt ’17
Ziva Collins: Delilah Napier ’15
Frankie Samuels: Phoebe Sanders ’17
Aiden Samuels: Henry Zumbrunnen ’16
Ms. Patterson:  TBA

“The Gates” by Marianne Verrone ’15
Director: Peter Cellini
Silverstro Sapienti: Jacob Goodman ’15*
Robert Still: James Hansen ’16
Beatrice White: Dora Palmer ’15
St. Peter: Rachel Savage ’15
Audrey Ember: Josie Shaughnessy ’16

“Who Am I This Time” by Chloe Shi ’16
Director: Susan Wilder
Witch: Hannah Dains ’16
Jester: Kayla Darini ’16
Girl: Lauralee Harper ’16
Hero: Bryce Terman ’15
Prince: Andreas Werner ’16

*=Double Cast

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Student actors chosen for Playwrights Festival