Model UN holds elections for representatives

Tiffany Kim

Model UN elections for next year’s secretariat took place after school April 27.

Jaebok Lee ’16 was elected President, Grace Pan ’16 was elected Vice President, Elliot Kang ’16 was elected Treasurer and Tiffany Kim ’17 was elected Junior Representative.

Students got elected to the secretariat through the election. A secretariat is a group of students that lead the Model UN program.

“There are four positions that make up the secretariat: President, Vice President, Junior Representative and Treasurer, Lee ’16 said. “There is no age limit, but it’s for rising seniors and juniors because they are part of the club.”

Only rising seniors were able to run for President, which is also referred to as Secretary-General, and only rising juniors could run for Junior Representative.

The Vice President and Secretary positions were open to all grades.
Students may only run for one position. To be eligible to run or to vote, students had to attend one conference or more within the school year.

Candidates delivered a one-minute speech discussing topics, such as involvement in MUN, motive for running and and previous leadership positions.

“The secretariat is an integral part of Model United Nations,” Lee ’16 said. “I definitely recommend that everyone join MUN. It is a great way to learn by practice and apply what you learned through textbooks in real life.”