Society of Global Affairs hosts speakers

Connor Reese

The Walt Disney Co. COO Tom (Cole ’16), Activision CEO Bobby Kotick (Grace ’15, Audrey ’17) and Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu (Eliseo ’16), Academy-Award winning director of “Birdman,” are some of the speakers attending the Society of Global Affairs TED Talks-style panel May 17 in Ahmanson Lecture Hall.

The event is open to all people who are affiliated with Harvard-Westlake.

After each speaker, there will be a section of time devoted to questions.

The club is led by Interdisciplinary Studies Department Head Larry Klein.

There is a selection process to choose members each year.

“Personally, I’m excited about Inarritu,” Grace Pan ’16 said. “‘Birdman’ was also incredibly complex and abstract. I’m looking forward to listening to the man behind the story, and understanding how that process works.”