Unify for UNICEF: photos chosen for show


Cole Heine ’19 was recognized in the UNICEF NextGen Art Party contest for his photo, taken in Santa Monica. Credit: Cole Heine ’19

Anusha Mathur

UNICEF selected the work of seven student artists to be auctioned at the organization’s 2018 Next Generation Art Party on Feb. 24.
Professional wedding and fashion photographer and vice chair of the fundraising auction Rebecca Yale ’06 encouraged students to submit their work.
Students whose photographs were chosen are invited to attend the event where their work will be displayed and bid on. All proceeds benefit UNICEF.
Visual arts teacher Kevin O’Malley said he is proud of his students’ work and pleased that they were chosen among other professional submissions.
“Their work was chosen by a panel of photographic experts to be included in the show, which is in and of itself very impressive,” O’Malley said.
UNICEF selected three of Photography II student Cole Heine’s ’19 pieces. He said that he is grateful for the opportunity to submit her work to a contest outside of school and benefit a charitable organization.
“With art it is rare to have your work and your effort objectively validated, so being accepted into anything is super special” Heine said. “This feels especially exciting though because my work is going to help raise money used to help people. It feels great to be a part of that.”
According to the organization’s website, UNICEF Next Generation is comprised of entrepreneurs and innovators between the ages of 20 and 30 who research and attempt to alleviate issues that affect children around the world.
The annual UNICEF Next Generation Art Party functions to recognize volunteers’ work, in addition to raising funds for their causes through the sale of artwork.