School considers Chinese exchange program

Scott Nussbaum

Head of Upper School Jeanne Huybrechts will visit China in June in an effort to establish a potential partnership with the Chinese International School, which could include a student exchange program.

“Everyone is really impressed with the program and so this is just a matter of actually visiting the campuses and solidifying our thinking about this,” Huybrechts said.

The headmaster of the Chinese International School, a private school that teaches its students both Chinese and English and offers International Baccalaureate classes to its students, visited the Upper School earlier in the year, met with teachers and administration and discussed the possibility of establishing an exchange program that would allow students from both schools to study abroad.

“It is a little like School Year Abroad, but this is for ninth graders,” Huybrechts said.

The year-long program would allow ninth grade students who have previously taken Chinese language classes in seventh and eighth grade to spend a year at the Chinese International School’s campus in Hangzhou.

While in Hangzhou, students would continue their studies in Chinese while experiencing the culture of mainland China.

Huybrechts will visit both campuses of the Chinese International School in Hong Kong and Hangzhou during her travels.

She will travel from China to Korea and meet 16 faculty members who will be visiting Seoul and Jeju Island as part of the Gunter Gross Global initiative.

“This would be an immersion program for the entire year in a very good boarding school,” Huybrechts said.