Coldwater reopens following accident


Coldwater Canyon is empty Wednesday morning due to a car crash. The road closed after a car hit a telephone pole. Credit: Danielle Spitz/Chronicle

Danielle Spitz

Coldwater Canyon has reopened following its closure early Wednesday morning, which caused students and faculty to change their routes to school.

The road closed after a car on Coldwater crashed into a telephone pole and caused a road block, security guards said. The condition of the driver remains unknown.

The crash disrupted the school WiFi, HWWireless. The school’s emergency notification system sent a message out to the school community Wednesday morning that the street was closed heading northbound from Mulholland.

Although Harvard-Westlake vehicles heading south on Coldwater were allowed through traffic cones, the closure delayed the arrival of many students.

At least 50 students were absent this morning and more than 15 classes were canceled due to teacher absences and student tardies, according to Upper School Student Discipline and Attendance Coordinator Gabe Preciado.

Due to the crash, Jack Cohen ’18 said he spent over an hour and a half in traffic and missed the entirety of his first-period class.

“Driving is already really exhausting for me, so having to drive for double the amount of time it normally takes me was especially taxing,” Cohen said. “I have only been at school for five hours and I am already really tired and really frustrated. It was definitely not a great way to start off my Wednesday.”