Greg Hilliard becomes Director of Alumni Athletics

Ellis Becker

Greg Hilliard, former head of the basketball program, has held the position of Director of Alumni Athletics since last spring and will be working to organize events to reconnect alumni athletes.
Hilliard has coached the boys’ basketball team for 30 years and has led them to nine CIF championships and two state championships.
Hilliard’s main duty in his new position is to create a nationwide network of alumni athletes who are more involved in the student community.
“The main thing that I hope will happen is [the network of alumni], since I’ve been here for 30 years and gotten to know so many athletes,” Hilliard said.
Hilliard also hopes current student athletes can benefit from talking to the alumni.
“I just feel lucky to be able to continue my association with the school for so long, and I hope that I can contribute in a positive way to a whole new area,” Hilliard said.