Deniz Armani: Robotics

Claire Keller

Engineer Deniz Armani will be taking over for physics teacher Karen Hutchinson to lead the Robotics Club during the school year and in their competitions beginning in January.

Armani previously worked at Glenair Inc. as the Director of Research and Development, where he identified and developed new products and technologies before the company brought them to the commercial market.

“I really love engineering, and so I am excited for the interaction with the club and helping introduce them to what its like engineering professionally and in the real world,” Armani said.

The robotics team began preparing for the season over the summer, meeting on campus and video chatting with other students who were not available in order to include everyone in their work.

“We are heavily interested in improving the pre-season education and training,” Jonas Hirshland ’16 said. “We are also talking about competing in another set of competitions that happen earlier in the year, mainly to practice for our real season.”