Laurie Levenson: Criminal Law

Sarah Lee

Laurie Levenson (Dani ’17, Havi ’08, Solly ’06) will be teaching Criminal Law and Advocacy in the Kutler Center this year.

Levenson teaches at the UCLA School of Law, where she received her law degree, and Loyola Law School.

She has also been a legal commentator for several news networks and has worked on some major criminal cases.

“Of course, teaching at a high school is different from teaching at a law school, but I plan to treat the students as the professionals that I know they will be,” Levenson said.

Levenson says she looks forward to working with the students at Harvard-Westlake.

“My goal is to make sure the students understand the criminal justice system and get engaged in the challenges facing it,” Levenson said. “They will learn how to try cases, plea bargain, argue sentences, help people who have been wrongfully convicted and make changes in the law.”