English teacher comes back to school after year of writing

Kate Schrage

Former teacher Ariana Kelly will return to the English department this fall after one year away from school.

Kelly departed from the school following the 2014 school year in order to complete her debut non-fiction book, “Phone Booth,” set to release Sept. 15.

“I spent the majority of my time away from school researching and writing,” Kelly said. “The time away really gave me room in which to breathe and think, reassess and regroup.”

Though Kelly hadn’t expected to return so quickly, she said that her decision to do so was due to her passion for her job.

“Besides writing, which requires me to figure out what I really think, I’ve never found a more compelling or worthier job than teaching,” Kelly said.

While she is excited to come back to Harvard-Westlake, Kelly expressed some concerns regarding her career as an author.

“I do worry about finding time to write,” Kelly said. “But if the need to write is strong enough, and it is for me, I will always find time for it.”