Senior self-publishes fantasy novel, ‘Code!’

Ethan Knight

Elizabeth Anne Rao ’16 published her book “Code!” on July 11 using the online publishing site Outskirt Press.

Her book is about a group of people who receive superpowers from a mysterious man, claiming to be a therapist that grants wishes. The protagonists later realize that the negative aspects of their new powers outweigh the benefits.

“Their actions and decisions are illogical, and I wanted to try and present how easily people, especially young people, can lose sight of reality and logic,” Rao said.

As a child, Rao often daydreamed, becoming so attached to her imagination that she channeled it into writing as a way of recording her childhood dreams.

One day while browsing the Internet, Rao discovered the concept of supplements that could give people superhuman abilities. This inspired her to think about the negative effects of these superpowers, and thus “Code!” was born.

Rao spent her free time writing the book.

“Balancing school with writing was difficult, and I would go weeks or months at a time completely ignoring my book in favor of school work,” Rao said. “Obviously, this hindered my writing, and I had to cut off the book without wrapping up all the loose ends.”

Rao said she plans to write a sequel.