Stone-cutters accepts editor applications

Bryant Wu

The Harvard-Westlake Stone-cutters literary magazine is accepting editor applications for three editors: literary, visual and web. The applications are due on Oct. 2, and applications can be found on the website.

The main duties of the editors are to find new ways to generate publicity, create and maintain the Stone-cutters website and proofread all submissions.

In addition, the magazine is also waiting for its National Scholastic Press Association critique.

“Last year we had a very good review, one below the highest designation,” Upper School Visual Arts Department Head Cheri Gaulke said. “We hope to do better this year and obtain the highest designation.”

The staff and advisers are optimistic for a successful year.

“Our hope for the magazine is that it be a lasting record of our best student work in the literary and visual arts,” Gaulke said. “Our hope is for the website is that it be a dynamic display of student creativity that changes on a regular basis.”