Neisser to retire, travel the world in his free time

Anusha Mathur

History teacher Ken Neisser will retire after 10 years of teaching at the school in order to relax, spend more time traveling with his wife and pursue interests he did not have time to focus on while teaching.

“I want to rejoice in things that I will have time to do,” Neisser said. “I would like to do a lot more personal reading, catch up on some of the television series people are talking about and look at more of my favorite [TV] channel, Turner Classic Movies. My wife and I would like to do some traveling while we are both in good shape.”

Neisser said he has both challenged students and gained more historical awareness himself during his time teaching.

“I would like to think that I have opened students’ minds to ways of thinking and appreciating the importance of learning,” Neisser said. “I have also vastly increased my knowledge of history.”

Although Neisser is looking forward to a new chapter in his life, he said that he will miss the daily conversations he has with colleagues.

“This department is a very bright and collegial group of people of strong opinions and well researched ones,” Neisser said. “It has been really a joy to have spontaneous conversations over wide ranging issues over years. That will be very difficult, if not impossible to replace.”