Halkett departs from ‘friendly and caring’ community

Joanna Im

Upper school history teacher Nini Halkett will be leaving the department after 30 years at the school.

She plans to travel to the places she has taught about in AP Human Geography and International Relations, spend time with family and volunteer.

“For the most part, [I am retiring] because there are other things that I would like to do while I am still young enough to do them,” Halkett said.

Most of all, she will miss the community and people she has met at Harvard-Westlake, she said.

“There will be lots that I will miss about [Harvard-Westlake], but first and foremost I will miss the people,” Halkett said. “My colleagues and my students have been a source of joy and support throughout the years. Teachers and students alike here are hard-working, intellectually curious, as well as friendly and caring.”

Students said that they will miss Halkett’s presence in the classroom.

“She is a fantastic teacher who truly cares about her students and their learning experience,” Emmanuel Zilber ’19 said. I’ve loved every second of my year in [AP United States History], and have greatly appreciated her willingness to just meet and talk about history or politics. I’ll greatly miss her around campus, but wish her the best in her retirement.”