New head fanatics announced

Keila McCabe

Brayden Borquez ’19, Asher Early ’19, Vanessa Payne ’19, Lucas Lyons ’19, Loyal Terry ’19 and Bella Carino ’19 have been named the head fanatics for the Wolverines this upcoming school year.

“We hope to bring dragon energy and the greatest school spirit Harvard-Westlake has ever seen and we can’t wait to support our teams and fanatics in any way we can,” Carino said.

The head fanatics are student representatives that promote school spirit by organizing pep rallies and leading the student cheer section at games. Keeping in line with the tradition, the 2017-18 head fanatics convened to select the 2018-19 head fanatics.

Last year, students said head fanatics failed to attend or bring crowds to many sports games. Athletes said they hope for more spirit from this year’s head fanatics.

“I’m hoping the new head fanatics really promote a sense of community in the student body,” softball player Kat Swander ‘19 said. “I hope they do this by supporting all sports and keeping everyone in the loop about them.”

This year’s head fanatics said they are hoping to make this year the best yet.

“My goal this year as a Head Fanatic is to bring back the rowdiness and pride I felt during my freshman year and share that with the rest of the school community,” Payne said. “I really hope we can foster that same team spirit, make everyone feel included and make every game memorable.

The first home game of the year will be Varsity Football vs. Birmingham High School on Aug. 17 at 7 p.m.

“We fanatics, support all wolverines in competition with honor, integrity and respect for ourselves and others while promoting school spirit and fostering community,” Early said.