It’s all the little things

Aaron Lyons

The Harvard-Westlake experience is unique to say the least. Often you will flounder, suffer and have an occasional breakdown. Then a bright moment comes around when the clouds have cleared and rainbows and butterflies appear. To ensure more moments that bring joy rather than pain, I have taken inspiration from a former opinion section managing editor and compiled a list to attempt to bring some help to those in need.

1. Ice cream is your best friend. In times of serious stress, ignore your work for an hour and do what Lauren Sonnenberg ’14 and I did most of junior year: go to Menchies. An original tart frozen yogurt with strawberries and caramel will help curb your tears after you fail an APUSH test.

2. Netflix marathons. Re-watching every season of “Gossip Girl” is a fair way to spend your nights instead of finishing your common app essays. Considering a lot of us started watching this show in middle school, it seems like a good trip down memory lane. For boys, I’m sure that you have some equivalent or can find a good show to binge-watch instead.

3. For underclassmen, once a month pretend you’re a second semester senior. Go to a movie on a weeknight and avoid thinking of the consequences of not finishing your work. By the way, to indulge in such a night, spend all free periods of that school day doing all your homework. It’s a win-win, right?

4. Coffee is the elixir of life. I truly commend all those individuals who are able to abstain from falling into the clutches of caffeine; however, if you’re like the most of us, do like Kelly Crosson ’14 does: have the barista know exactly what drink you want and have it be prepared the moment you walk in to your neighborhood Starbucks. Also, don’t feel embarrassed when the Starbucks or Coffee Bean next to school knows your name and order, it’s only more convenient for you.

5. Find your Chronicle. When I was mad at the world and endlessly complained about test, essays or even layout weekends, Chronicle still always brought some laughter and happiness. It’s so important to find this small little community and if you’re lucky enough, three of your closest friends are part of it too.

6. This last piece of advice is borrowed from science teacher Larry Axelrod. Before distributing our awful graded AP Bio tests he would always tell us that in the grand scheme of things one poor test grade wouldn’t affect our lives. We’d still graduate, go to college, get married, live that white picket fence life. So thanks Axe for occasionally pulling me out of the vortex that is Harvard-Westlake.

I leave you now with a final good luck!