Fanatic Fest Fan-tastic

Chronicle Staff

They got it right.

Past spirit weeks have often lacked the central ingredient—spirit—and have on the whole been more ludicrous and embarrassing than anything else. Won-G’s name has resurfaced regularly not as an example of a good spirit assembly but with laughs and cackles at its inanity.

This year, the student government perfectly organized and pulled off spirit week, culminating in the Homecoming celebration. From pirate day to spirit day, the week allowed students to show spirit they never knew they had and come together as a united body. The competition that began the first day and ran throughout the week was an attempt to unify grades in a non-cheesy way.
The assorted theme days made students come up with creative outfits and express themselves individually. Thursday, when students had a different theme day, each grade showed up  garbed in their respective ensembles in great numbers, again unifying each grade.

Student Council has often been the butt of jokes for staging “lame” assemblies and not trying to excite and unify students in anything but corny or laughable ways. This year, they advertised each day well and got the results they sought.
They handed out fliers after school, created Facebook groups and encouraged students to help them spread the word. This was their greatest achievement. Many of the school’s spirited students are not members of student government. The government has been trying to form a stronger community by involving fellow students. By doing so, spirit week generated more enthusiasm than ever before.
The most triumphant day of all was Homecoming. It was a day that showed off why Harvard-Westlake is a great institution. We’ve collected the resources to find whatever we think will make the celebration the best it can be. We’ve endeared athletics to everyone associated with the school, which has in turn caused spirit and unity as a whole to skyrocket. Homecoming has become an event greater than anyone could have dreamed.

The school and student government got it right. From spirit week all the way through Homecoming, students were loud, spirited, unified and most importantly, having fun.