Christians reach out with prayer

Chronicle Staff

The Christian Club set up their first prayer request box for the student body Monday. It is located in Father J. Young’s office, where anybody of any religious background can request a prayer from the Christian Club. The prayers can be about anything ranging from a quiz to serious personal matters.

The club will be meeting during the activities period during break in Chalmers 307 to pray for all of the requests they receive.

Cat Stevens ’07 thought of the prayer request box when the Christian Club was brainstorming for ideas to serve the school. She based her idea on the prayer requests the Christian Club and her church took for each other.

“I hope that anyone who thinks they can’t handle everything on their own and would like support would feel free to seek support through prayer.” Stevens said.

The box will be available all year long for students “The most amazing outcome would be if we prayed over someone’s prayer request and then were able to pray thanks for an answer to that prayer,” Stevens said.

If students feel uncomfortable asking via the prayer request box directly, they can ask anonymously online at

“I know in life when people start to lose hope, they reach out to things they normally would not,” adviser of the Christian Club, Michael Mori said. “What better person to go to than God?”

Anybody is allowed to help and pray with the Christian Club. The club will also be sponsoring a free car wash on Nov. 16 for all staff and faculty. Anyone willing or interested in lending a hand can e-mail the club at [email protected].

“Everybody needs outside support and care sometimes,” Stevens said.

“Prayer is an amazing way to care for someone and to seek support.”