Maintenance plugs wrestling room drain

Maintenance workers resealed the flooring of the wrestling room in Hamilton Gym last weekend after water was found underneath the mats.

The plug on one of the drains had popped out and released a small quantity of water, although the pipes below the plug had been blocked with concrete when the room was remodeled in the 1990s, Plant Manager Jim DeMatte said. The water was found to be free of mold or other disease-causing agents, he said.

Workers drilled two-foot holes around the drains and filled them with concrete and the entire floor was covered with another layer of concrete above it and re-carpeted, DeMatte said.

Wrestlers had reported several cases of staph infections and ringworm to the trainer’s office last fall, and they were given chemical disinfectant to apply to the mats and wrestling equipment after practice each day to help prevent further spread of disease, DeMatte said.

However, the infections appeared long before water was discovered and were found to be unrelated to the resealing of the room, DeMatte said.