Girls’ Volleyball win their first playoff game

Eugean Choi

Girls’ volleyball won against Palos Verdes High School in their first CIF SS Regional playoffs 3-2. 

How the game went

Opposite Eva Lekovic ’21 said that the girls really wanted to do well this game and their wishes for their game came true. 

“I think that the game went phenomenally and I could not be more proud of us,” Lekovic said. “We played the best I think we’ve played all season and it’s just so amazing to see all of our hard work translate into really amazing play.”

Thoughts before hand

Lekovic said that the team was worried about the results of the game, since the game that they lose will be their last one. 

“Before the game, I think none of us really knew how it was going to go we were just determined to go out, play our best and leave everything on the court.” Lekovic said. 

Why they want to continue

Lekovic said that the girls are even more motivated to stay in the playoffs to not only honor their injured teammates, but also to continue playing with their team. 

“We’re even more competitive because none of us want the season to end,” Lekovic said.  “I think that for the future, we can work on stopping the other team’s runs early on so that we don’t lose momentum.”

The next game will be on Oct. 26. Opponent and location are not announced.