Seniors-only seminars may fill post-AP spring


Seminar-style classes may be organized for seniors after AP exams are finished, between May 21 and 25, Director of Studies Dr. Deborah Dowling said.

“We used to have them many years ago,” Dowling said. “Mr. Werner’s Auto Mechanics seminar is still the stuff of legend. All that was lacking was someone to organize it.” 

The seminars would either be stand-alone classes or be part of a short sequence on a specific topic, held during the school day.

Faculty members who do not normally teach a class can also lead seminars.

“I envisage two main types of seminar,” she said. “Helping students to prepare for leaving home [like] auto mechanics, how to do laundry, or how to run a business and learning for the love of it, not just for a grade [like] philosophy, film appreciation or geography.” 

Dowling created an example sheet for teachers looking to create their own seminar. Although most of the ideas are in jest, “Socio-philosophical themes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer” among them, there are rumors that seminars on topics such as knitting for charity may actually happen.

“They’re only rumors so far!” Dowling said.

“I would be perfectly happy with ‘Mr. Sal’s Favorite Movie,’ ‘Ribald Drinking Songs of the Middle Ages,’ ‘Advanced Frisbee’ or ‘Daydreaming for Beginners,’” Dowling said.