iHW app records student attendance


Eli Friedman ’21 checks out of school through the updated iHW application on his phone during eighth period Jan. 24. The application allows students to leave campus without physically signing out. Credit: Hannah Han/Chronicle

Sarah Mittleman

The iHW app was recently updated to include a function that allows students to check in and out of school using their phones, eliminating the need for sign out sheets.

Preciado discusses the benefits of the app 

Previously used only to show daily schedules and IDs, the app now includes a tab that allows seniors to request to leave campus or miss class during school hours without going to Upper School Student Discipline and Attendance Coordinator Gabe Preciado’s office.

“One of the benefits [of the new features] is making [checkout] easier for everybody,” Preciado said. “I spend a lot of time handing out passes toward the end of the day. This here is a nice system that’s gonna help me, and help everybody to leave campus without actually having somebody there.”

Students express their opinion about the iHW app 

Maya Mathur ’22 said she thinks the new feature is more convenient, but is not sure it makes much of an impact on the sophomores, who are not authorized to leave campus during the school day.

“It was a little inconvenient for students to have to go all the way to Mr. Preciado’s office just to leave for a sport or to go home, so I definitely think that [the previous attendance system] was a little flawed,” Mathur said.

Preciado said that the app will prevent students from missing class without reason during the school day.

“[Seniors] could just leave campus,” Preciado said. “Could they have left and missed school? Yeah, they could’ve done that. Now, with the app, we would need some confirmation and approval from parents allowing us to consent for their departure.”