16 students to go on trip to Argentina

This summer, 16 Spanish students will take a three week trip to Argentina and will make use of the Los Andes Language School in San Juan. The program will be led by Foreign Language department chair Javier Zaragoza and middle school Spanish teachers Judith Harjenstein and Andrew Brabbée.

The trip is intended for students grades 10 through 12 who either are already enrolled or who plan to be in Spanish language courses at Harvard-Westlake. 

The students will attend classes there Monday through Thursday. In their free time, they may choose among sport activities, community service projects and day trips. In the evenings, the students will assist in community service projects, a major focus of the trip, and take tango lessons. During these four-day weeks, the students will live with host families.

On each three-day weekend, students will join their chaperones for trips around Argentina.