Slavin Field lights to debut in September

Field lights were installed on Ted Slavin Field over spring break, less than a year after the city planning department gave its first approval, but the lights will not be used until the beginning of the next school year.

“The quality of the lights is second to none,” Head of Athletics Audrius Barzdukas said. “It is state of the art equipment to ensure that the field is more than adequately lit and to minimize spillage.”
The installation of the lights began Monday April 2.

Once the lights were in place, the crew continued to work with the electrical setup.
The school will need an official to give a final approval for their use. He said the lights would most likely be ready for use in about two weeks, likely after the end of the spring sports season, leaving their premiere for the football team.

A rumor circulated among students and faculty at the school that the alumni group that helped fund the lights wanted their first use to be for a football game, but Barzdukas said this was not the case. He also said that he is planning a big event for their debut.

“People are excited,” Barzdukas said. “I think that our campus is going to be a great place to be for football games, soccer games, lacrosse games and night events. It helps school spirit and it makes it easier for parents to see games. Kids will have fun playing under them.”