Directed Study Italian to continue with advanced course

The Directed Study Italian class, started last year by a group of six juniors and spearheaded by French teacher Simona Ghirlanda, is set to continue this year as Directed Study Italian II after the juniors who originally signed up for the class requested to continue as seniors. The continuation of Directed Study Italian has drawn new students in addition to the original six.

“Other students asked to join, so this year I am still offering it as Directed Study Italian II to a bigger group,” Ghirlanda said. “The only prerequisite is that the new students must have covered the curriculum of Italian One on their own.”

The class is only offered if Ghirlanda’s busy schedule allows her to teach a sixth class, in addition to her five French classes.

While Directed Study Italian will see its second year with Ghirlanda, the Italian Club faces cancellation after a two year run under her sponsorship. A heavy Monday schedule has forced Ghirlanda to discontinue the Italian club, which she feels she won’t be able to successfully take care of during activities periods. She said it might resume next year.