Dowling holds discussion group for teachers

“Talking about Teaching,” a discussion group for teachers met last week for the first time to discuss different learning styles. Mainly organized by Director of Studies Deborah Dowling, at each monthly meeting teachers take turns in leading the topic. “We don’t make policy or decide things about the school; we just share ideas,” Dowling said. Teachers discuss “infusing classes with soul,” dropping AP classes or how the pressure of college acceptance can affect a student’s subject choices and whether it should. Some of the other ideas covered in past meetings were ethics at Harvard-Westlake and student motivations to learn. In the future, Dowling says the subjects could range from pressures on teacher to tensions between athletics and academics. Last week’s topic “addressing different learning styles and multiple intelligence in our high pressure courses” drew about a dozen teachers to the talk about different teaching styles. Math teacher Rob Levin has attended a number of meetings and says that “all types of different subjects are brought up by the different teachers that attend.”