Those actors did what in my bed?

Billy Goulston ’08 was sitting in an air-conditioned theatre, watching the summer film “Superbad,” when he recognized something familiar on screen.

The room in which “McLovin” was losing his virginity was one Goulston had seen many times; it was his parents’ bedroom. Goulston is one of a number of students whose houses have been used for films or photo shoots. For 14 days, his house was used to film the scenes of the last party in “Superbad.”

Goulston said that he and his family were not aware that any scene, let alone a sex scene, was being filmed in his parents’ bedroom.

“We thought it was being used as a makeup room,” Goulston said. “The way I feel is that at least other kids  are getting action in my house.”

Goulston’s house was scouted for the Video Music Awards and a few commercials. Goulston lives on Cliffwood Drive in Brentwood, an area that has been a popular place for filming.

“Brentwood, my neighborhood, is often used for movies and tv commercials,” Goulston said.
Rebecca Kelly ’09, lives a block away and her house was scouted because of its look.

“They liked the style of our house from the outside,” Kelly said.

For a day, the film crew made adjustments with the lighting and arrangement of the kitchen.
“It was an odd commercial,” Kelly said. “They had to move the fridge, and make another copy.”

Kenny Morgan’s ’09  house was damaged in the filming of the movie “Enough” starring Jennifer Lopez.

“We got to see them blow open a set of doors,” Morgan said. “They repainted a bunch of things, and broke a lot of things. Our house wasn’t finished yet — that’s part of the reason why we did it.”

For three months, Morgan went in and out of his house making friends with the crew and actors.
“[Jennifer Lopez] wasn’t very nice,” Morgan said. “The guy actor [Bill Campbell] was really nice though, he would play football with me.”

Lisa Elder ’09 also became familiar with the stars that have used her house.

Elder’s house has been used in Febreeze and Victoria’s Secret’s commercials and photo shoots for InStyle and More magazines.

Most recently, Mandy Moore used her house. Elder got to know Moore and now a picture of her and the star is pinned up on her bulletin board.

“After meeting her, I found that she’s a really nice and awesome person,” Elder said.