Surrender to school spirit

Did I really just compete in a pie eating contest, inhaling more pumpkin pie filling in a matter of minutes than I have in the past five Thanksgivings? Is that what’s causing the persistent nausea and drowsiness? Is that what’s responsible for the sticky material crusting on my face? Seeing the pictures afterwards made me slightly regretful of the embarrassment I had endured at the expense of school spirit. Nevertheless, as cheesy as it sounds, after reflecting on Fanatic Fest, a week when breakdowns and stress breakouts were replaced by 80s dancing and face paint, I couldn’t be happier about the non-caffeine induced fun.

I’ll admit, I tried to go all-out and was particularly proud of my cops and robbers costume (though I did resemble Zorro; but then again, that’s not always a bad thing). It was nice to see a showcase of school spirit after weeks of pure, unadulterated stress. There was something about the atmosphere that just made me want to smile and dance, suspending the thoughts of college applications and SAT scores for a few minutes to dance to the “Cha Cha Slide” in the quad, bar mitzvah style.

Now, why can’t we transfer some of this cheer and merriment to the rest of the school year (pardon the inherent cheesiness)? I realize that we can’t have theme days every day, but maybe some sort of “fun” day once a month would suffice. And since a house system has already been implemented (I guess we forfeited the opportunity to be Ferrets, Badgers, Polecats and Otters), there has to be a way to turn one school day a month into something beyond a stress fest. I realize that certain theme days get old after a while, but that’s why we have the Fanatics and the Prefect Council: for ideas. 

Maybe it’s because I am a senior that I have felt the need to abandon my once “too cool for school” attitude and bolster my own school spirit, but sometimes, partaking in the foolishness of the masses is enjoyable. Of course we shouldn’t all mesh into this gray glob of sameness. I’m speaking to those of you reading this who spent spirit week criticizing other students for their foolishness, frivolity and lack of sense. Go ahead. Criticize people for not being individuals and say that you could care less about any of those people in neon spandex. I myself used to.

Then I gave it up. Kicked the habit. I suggest that you step out of your shell for the greater unity. I am all for individuality and doing your own thing, but participating in Fanatic Fest, maybe even donning a little face paint, won’t taint your outsider image. And condemning those of us who, dare I say, enjoy embarrassing ourselves a little is unacceptable.

On the other hand, making fun of me for looking like Zorro probably brought those critics a little chuckle.

So spare your patronizing words: I can make fun of myself on my own, thank you very much. Join the embarrassment, not because you should, but because you can.