Wolverines’ Den: The Zanuck Swim Stadium

A pool is a pool: a common misconception by the common high school water polo or swimming fan.  Little do the members of Harvard-Westlake know that The Zanuck Swim Stadium is a half size Olympic pool and considered to be one of the most accommodating high school swim stadiums in the area.

In Taper Gymansium, adjacent to Zanuck, several banners with CIF and League titles hang on the walls, honoring the Wolverine swimming and water polo teams. 

According to Head of Athletics Audrius Barzdukas, Zanuck has played an integral role in many of these seasons and can be one of the loudest Wolverine venues, Complete with six rows of bleachers and a full-size pool with no shallow end, Zanuck offers the Wolverine water polo and swim teams a benefit from the spectator space.

Unlike most school stadiums, Zanuck can readily accommodate several dozen people without seeming cramped or over-crowded, Barzdukas said.

The stadium was donated by Richard D. Zanuck in the mid ’70s and was first used in 1978, and has given the players an “at home” feeling over the past years.

“It’s the tradition of the place. The entire Harvard water polo program was built there by Coach [Rich] Corso and continued on by Larry Felix,” Max Lubin ’08, the varsity water polo goalie said. “We call it home.”

“All the stories and that comes from playing in that pool give us a sense of pride,” Billy Evashwick ’08 said. “We want to keep up the standard set by the players that came before us…and it’s home.”

Over the past few years, Zanuck has been home to 45 league champion teams since the  merger between Harvard and Westlake in 1991 and has allowed fans to support the Wolverines throughout their successful seasons.