Princes of Persia, Israel leave campus for lunch

Chronicle Staff

Attendance Coordinator J. Gabriel Preciado is on a hunt to capture an elusive joker and possible truant known to him as “The Prince of Persia.”

Someone has been signing out as “Drew ‘The Prince of Persia’ Foster” while Drew Foster ’08 is present in his eighth period class, and Preciado wants to know who it is.

Although this sounds like a joke, it is a concern when it comes to safety, as the whereabouts of anyone who signs out under a false name would be unknown in an emergency.
 In this situation, Foster’s whereabouts could also be called into question.

“It doesn’t happen a whole lot, but I do look at the senior logout every morning and that one has been showing up a lot,” Preciado said. “I don’t do this a lot, but because of that I will probably look into auditing the senior logout.”

Preciado said that in the case of a prank, he would probably not punish the person signing out. He said he is more concerned about cutting classes.

“If they’re doing it because they want to cut class and leave school without permission, then of course there will be punishment,” Preciado said. He added that he would refer those people to their deans for punishment.

Preciado said that he has a suspect who the Prince is, but he is not sure.

When someone signs out as a senior when that person is in class, he considers whether it could be a junior or a sophomore signing out, he said.

However, he does not think that this is the case with the Prince. 

Foster signed out as “Drew ‘Bob Dylan’ Foster” earlier in the year and was mildly chastised by Preciado. The Prince struck after that event.

A similar case of signing out under an alias occurred with Robby Lewis ’08. A friend of his would sign him out as “Robby ‘the woman’ Lewis.”

Preciado noticed this occurring multiple times and recently approached Lewis asking if he knew what was going on. Lewis admitted that one of his friends was signing out for him when they would go off campus together.

Rumors swarmed that underclassmen had been signing out under aliases to sneak off campus but the rumors were proved false when Director of Inter-Campus Security Kevin Giberson looked further into the issue.

Other seniors had been performing the “foolery,” he said.