Mock debate kicks off political awareness week

Chronicle Staff


Students and teachers packed into the lounge Wednesday morning at break to watch a mock primary debate argued by students acting as presidential candidates. The Current Events Club, Environmental Club and Model United Nations also set up information stands around the room.

Moderated by history teacher David Waterhouse, the debates covered real-life hot topics like healthcare, the war in Iraq and candidate hypocrisies.

Carey Seuthe ’08, who played Democratic candidate John Edwards, announced that the former senator would be dropping out of the race at the end of the first half of the debate.

“I am apparently dropping out in 30 minutes,” she said to laughter and applause, “but I would make an excellent candidate for VP.”

Alex Steiner ’09 and Ryan Ashley ’09 took the roles of Senator Hillary Clinton and Senator Barack Obama, respectively. Spencer Friedman ’09, Max Eliot ’09 and Jake Shine ’10 represented the Republican half of the primary debate as Governor Mike Huckabee, former governor Mitt Romney and Senator John McCain.

The debate was one of three events which comprise Political Awareness Week, organized by Hannah Moody ’08, Alex Fujinaka ’08 and Cathi Choi ’09. Other planned events include a screening of “An Inconvenient Truth” in the lounge and a mock primary election on “Super Duper Tuesday,” Feb 5.