‘One night stand’

Title:  “Love Potions and Crowns.”  Location:  the hair salon.  Song:  “Willow Tree.”  With these three seemingly unrelated pieces of information, the ensemble of the musical improv show “One Night Stand” is fully prepared to perform. 

The actors ask the audience for a made-up title, location and song name, such as those listed above. 

The ensemble includes seven Harvard-Westlake alumni. Each performance is unique, and no part of it is planned ahead of time. 

“One Night Stand” is produced by Marc Platt (Jonah ’04, Samantha ’01, Hannah ’08 and Benjamin ’11) and directed by performing arts teacher Michele Spears.

Even though most of the actors are attending different colleges throughout the country, they have come together and performed over 27 different musicals, many of which took place in Edinburgh, Scotland last summer at the annual Fringe Festival. 

“Edinburgh was a huge hit and the growth they have made is amazing,” Spears said. 

Spears worked with many of the actors during their high school years when they were Scene Monkeys. She has noticed much development in the group, but she is pleased to see many of the same characteristics each group member had as a Scene Monkey, which contributes to their current success.