Golf team advances further in playoffs than ever before

For the first time in history, the Wolverine boys’ golf team has a chance to advance to the  California State playoffs after finishing fourth in the CIF divisional final. Tomorrow the team will play in a State qualifier match at the SCGA course in Murietta.

“We will work on our mental approach so that we can be as confident as possible,” Head Coach Scott Wood said. “Confidence is key.  In golf, there is always room for improvement.  That is up to each player to figure out and spend time on.”

Team captain Eli Cole ’08 will be joined by Glen Scher ’09, Bobby Lange ’09, Justin Kim ’09, Jeff Wibawa ’10 and Ernie Zaferis ’11 to take on nine other teams from Southern and Central California. The top three teams and six individuals will advance to state. Scher will represent the Wolverines in individuals.

“Glen’s play has challenged people and his easygoing demeanor has invited the challenge,” Wood said. “More guys are stepping up and competing with him.”

Wood said that teamwork has factored in greatly to the program’s success this year. He attributes Scher, Cole, Lange and Wibawa making the All Mission League team not just to their skill, but to their cooperation and ability to guide one another.

“Closeness and chemistry go a long way just like in any sport,” Wood said. “Everyone is pushed a little harder towards the same cause. We are only as good as our highest scores.”

If the team qualifies, they will compete in the state championship June 3. Wood expects that, win or lose, this is an achievement each player will take with him for the rest of his golf career.

“It is an honor for them, no doubt,” he said. “Everything must fall into place at the right time. That’s what makes golf so hard.”