Thieves steal visible items from 2 cars

Two student vehicles, one parked on campus and one parked on Coldwater Canyon, were broken into this month.

The incidents are the first break-ins of student vehicles in the vicinity of campus since Dec. 4, 2006, when purses and wallets were stolen from four cars of then-junior girls parked on Coldwater.

Michael Diamant’s ’09 car was vandalized May 7 while parked on Coldwater.  The break-in occurred during school hours. 
A Magellan navigation system hanging off of the car’s windshield and a Los Angeles Lakers jersey lying in plain sight were the only items stolen from the car, a Hyundai Veracruz.

The police haven’t done anything since a report was filed via telephone on the day of the theft Diamant said.

An Acura TSX belonging to Nicole Tiger ’09 was broken into on Tuesday. May 20 during school hours.

Tiger’s purse and digital camera, which were visible but not in plain sight in her car, were stolen from her vehicle, which was parked in Upper St. Michael’s.