Jazz Explorers play swan song performance

The Jazz Explorers gave an encore after an ovation from the audience at their last show of the year May 13.

The Explorers, Leland Cox ’09, Charlie Fogarty ’10, Billy Goulston ’08, Ian Sprague ’08, Ian Stanton ’08, Ian Sprague ’08 and Gordon Wintrob ’08, played their last show as a group at the historic jazz club Catalina Jazz Club in Hollywood. The club is also a bar and grill.

“This is a wonderful opportunity, and we’re so glad to be here,” Sprague said at the show.
The show featured the Explorers’ longest set, lasting over an hour, Goulston said.

The Explorers performed as part of the Young Artist Jazz Series at the club. The Young Artist Jazz Series gives young local musicians a platform to perform in public.

The show lasted for about an hour.  One of the pieces the band played, “Norwegian Wood,” was arranged by Goulston, the pianist.

The show featured many songs the Explorers have played before, but the group did add some new songs to the performance.

Justin Kuritzkes ’08 walked onstage partway through the show as a guest singer for the songs “Witchcraft” and “The Way You Look Tonight.”

The show began at 8 p.m., but many audience members arrived earlier to eat dinner. Musicians will audition Tuesday for the 2008-2009 Jazz Explorers.